Coerced into using the body scanner machines

We went to Puerto Rico a few months back, and had an awesome time.  When we were coming back, however, the San Juan airport had the body scanners that they were saying were “mandatory”.

Knowing their danger, I opted out; I refused to go through them, or even stand next to the machines.  So they pulled me aside and told me to wait.  So I followed their instructions and waited.

And waited.

And waited some more.  Even though there were very few people who were going through the security line, and more than enough TSA agents (many were standing around, talking to each other), no one would come to assist me, even though the call of “male assist” was made numerous times.

After waiting 20 minutes, and the time ticking closer and closer to the boarding time for our flight, I was forced to go through the porno body scanners because the TSA refused to do the pat down.

This, my friends, is coercion – plain and simple.  And it should be illegal.  But what are you going to do – miss your flight while you wait for a TSA officer that will never materialize?