7 thoughts on “TSA – Protecting travelers from teddy bear welding grandmothers in Memphis!

  1. Catch a train next time. TSA deals with thousands of passengers every day who treat them like scum of the earth for doing their job. So excuse them if they weren’t in the best of moods when you came through with your attitude. And FYI… Terrorists do grow old. And there is a reason your sugar looked more suspect then your curling iron or nail clipper. You also arent TSA customers you are the airlines customer. TSA is there to do a job not make you happy.

  2. Wow! Serpentine paths and mazes, zombie like beings staring at walls, a magic crystal in your pocket, a weaponized teddy bear, a wand, a barking agent and a commander, a screeching harpy, and–at one point–you turned invisible. Are you sure you weren’t playing Dungeons and Dragons (or dropping acid)? (BTW, Global Entry is best for frequent international travelers, especially when they reenter the country. It will usually grant you pre-check status on domestic flights, if you provide your known traveler number to the airline, but really has no other benefit for domestic travel and costs much more than just paying for pre check.)

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