4 thoughts on “Worst TSA Airportds?

  1. Stay the hell away from Albuquerque N M.
    We had a TSA precheck and were told we did not need to take our shoes off. The agent said I had lied about having an artificial knee, so he would have to do a full body check, but not now, so we stood there for what seemed a long time.
    I asked to see a supervisor and when he showed up he apologized
    for the hassle, then left.I felt sorry for the supervisor I think he does this every day. we then stood there for a while doing nothing.
    Then he said we needed to do the body inspection which took more time.
    After that he said I could file a complaint if I wanted to. Like it would do any good.
    He hassled my partner as well, but she found a better agent.
    Be careful these agents will lie to give you a hard time.

  2. Travel quite a bit for business. Here are my thoughts based on exp.

    SEATAC-They try to be efficient, rough around the edges

    PHX – Friendly but apathetic – long line with agents standing around

    Manhatten – Can be rude, but try to get people through

    ONT – In California – friendly – small airport- easy to get through

    Orlando – Grade A assholes with an attitude – chokepoints in lines. Give conflicting directions or no directions and then openly gripes to customers. Most likely root cause is crappy leadership from above that creates a toxic work enviroment.

    • Atlanta Hartsfield

      They dumped out my backpack & my underwear flew out everywhere. Suspicious package? My bag of Twizzler’s licorice

  3. Birmingham Shuttlesworth International Airport

    I have endured:

    Attempts to steal my jewerly
    Fondling and holding up my panties repeatedly (male guard) to purposely embarrass me
    Outright sexual assault
    Abusive language in general
    Purposely unfolding my interview suits and then balling them up so that I would not have anything to wear at the next destination
    Attempted framing of weapons in carry on bag

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