One thought on “Wonderful showhost victimized!

  1. Deborah, dear sophisticated connosuuer of the intellectual staple known as the Home Shopping Network, surely you understand (through your vast international travel experience and reading) that many a baggage handler has access to your luggage before and after any TSA screening. Of course, between the airport and Lopez’s luxurious Holiday Inn suite, a taxi driver and bell hop could have been in the mix. Yet, in your infinite wisdom, it was a TSA agent who took the goods. (Or are you just mindlessly passing along the conjecture of a low-end t.v. sales person who hawks zirconium to the urban poor?) Was a police report filed? Was a complaint registered with TSA? Do you have anything of substance to offer (beyond this wordy conjecture)? Indeed, you don’t seem to have even the most basic facts straight. Was it the locked bag or carry on?

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