4 thoughts on “Unimaginable Humiliation

  1. “This isn’t freedom. This is fear.”

    Perfectly said. The entire program was created out of “fear” as a knee-jerk reaction to 9/11 and is completely useless, Still not a single terrorist plot foiled from it yet it continues to annoy, embarrass, and waste passengers time every day. Why is this still here?

    • Poppycock! Typical Rodger-knows-better outsider trying to make sense of non public matters through conjecture that is fueled by ignorance. Perhaps, ole bean, you have authoritative assessments to offer on MI-5 as well.?.? What say we stick to what we really know? Mayhaps you should go back to your moonshine distilling and banjo picking…

  2. If you and she didn’t understand the word “random,” that is hardly the government’s fault. It is part of the system…has long been. “Bedside manner” of the agent aside, if you haven’t kept up with news about terrorists wearing bombs in their crotches and the need to sometimes check that area to keep us all safe, then you must live under a rock.

  3. There are a lot of insensitive people here. I have heard a lot of stories about maxi pads and liners being called “foreign objects” by female guards who likely know what they are. Not every woman can wear tampons and the reasons for it are not any random guards business anyway. I hope she sued for sexual assault and sexual harrassment.

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