6 thoughts on “TSA’s employees tried to steal my money

  1. They should have the equivalent to a mystery shopper go through the screening process (making them appear like they could be easily fooled). If any of this nonsense is attempted, the employees involved can be easily terminated so they stop harassing customers and stealing their belongings.

    • Idiot, that’s what you call regular screening I’ve been through that. Both of you should be happy that they are there and another 9/11 won’t ever happen. Get a clue

  2. Did you call for supervisor? Did you file a complaint with TSA in addition to this private internet site? Why didn’t you hold your money in your hand, which is always allowed, even going through the so-called “porn scanner”?

    • You are one of those idiots whom never fly. Or been through an airport huh porn scanner have you even looked at them. O don’t see anything wrong with them as long as my son gets to and from different states safely.

  3. Your money was out because they had to go through your stuff since you alarmed for explosives. They take everything out of the pockets. No one wants your money.

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