7 thoughts on “TSA agent planted pocket knife in my carry on!

  1. The TSA could have planted it but just as likely, it may have been in there all along and the first airport missed the knife completely. I don’t see what any TSA agent would hope to accomplish by planting a knife in someone’s bag.

  2. Like Joseph said… little pocket knives might be hard to see… why she had trouble finding it and re ran your bag. And we’re you arrested by Leo? No. Why are you so but hurt? Prob because you’re guilty of not knowing it was in there.

  3. THE SAME EXACT THING HAPPENED TO ME TODAY! I packed my bag immediately before I left. My husband had just cleaned out the inside and outside of the bag with Windex as it had not been used since Spring. The bag is soft sided and soft bottomed (small carry on) and was rolled to store in a tight area prior to my use. When my husband cleaned it, he checked all of the pockets on the inside and outside of the bag to wipe them down. Given that it was just cleaned and totally soft sided, one of us would have felt a “knife” if we even owned one. WE DON’T AND WE HAVE NO KIDS IN OUR HOME, nor would we spend the money on the one that TSA pulled out – which was at least 6 inches long, very heavy and looked very expensive. Black stone with silver accents. Like $200 dollars worth of knife I would guess.

    Fast forward…. I packed my bag myself this morning and left for the John Wayne airport directly after packing it. I got to security at 7:52am and since it is Saturday, it was dead. The lady before me in security was waiting for her bag to be checked because the scanner male attendant said she had a “sharp object” in her bag. The only two agents around were these two men. The “check the bag” male attendant (different from the scanner attendant) said he could not find anything even after looking for at least 10 minutes. Finally, the scanner attendant told him to release her and on she went.

    Now it was my turn. The scanner attendant once again told him he saw a “sharp object” in my bag. The male checking the bag said he could not find anything. The scanner attendant said to give him the bag and he would run it back through. I watched the scanner attendant carefully and he put the bag back through 3 more times. The male attendant checking the bag told him he could not find anything during the subsequent 3 checks.

    I am now running into a 45 minute delay and nearly missing my flight for this game… On the fourth time the bag went through, I was so frustrated that I did not follow the scanning attendant to put the bag back through the scanner and voila!!!!! A knife appeared right on the inside of the bag. Even the attendant doing the checking was stunned. I was as well.

    WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? Do these people get brownie points or bonuses if they find things? Are they doing this at the expense of the general public to climb the TSA ladder? What if he had planted a gun or drugs? Would my life be changed tonight because of his selfish greed?

    WOW! SCARY STUFF! Watch them very carefully when they put your bag back through a scanner, specifically if they state they see a “sharp object”.

    • No incentive whatsoever for them to plant a knife. They don’t tell you you have something sharp…they ask if you have any sharp items in you bag routinely for their own safety–many have been injured by razors, syringes, glass, etc.

  4. This is absolutely bonkers. All they did at that point is take the knife and let you go right? So what point is there at all to “frame” you? 100% positive you left the knife in there and the first airport missed it. Dumb conspiracy theorists…

  5. I’m sorry, but you sound really dumb. Of course the knife was in your bag from the get-go! Hubby probably didn’t do that good of a job cleaning your bag in the first place. There is absolutely no reason for an officer to “plant” a knife in your bag, monetary or otherwise. Get a clue!!!

  6. I believe this guy. I was travelling through the airport in Birmingham, AL and was accused of having a pocketknife. I am very religious, to the point that for years I would not even buy a meat knife. I own no weapons AT all and the last time that I even saw or touched a pocket knife was when I was eight years old.

    Anyway, they kept scanning and scanning my bag and taking it out of sight, claiming that they saw a pocketknife. I was getting scared that maybe they planted one or was thinking about doing so.

    Finally, they said that they didn’t see one, but I was near tears by then. The guard then said “don’t get an attitude with me, or you will see what I will do”. I took that as a threat that he might plant one the next time.

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