5 thoughts on “Pre check = interrogation, searched 5 times

  1. You do realize this is a non gov website and they will never read this so you might have better luck actually going to the real tsa website. Just a thought. And please do some research on your “porno booths”. That is old news lady. You sound stupid making remarks like this when you have no idea what you’re talking about… and it’s not an exray machine. Reserch goes along way. I might feel bad for you if you knew what you were talking about but given the fact you proved ogherwise in what you wrote you were probably the problem at the airport because you have no idea what’s going on.

  2. The scanners are not X-Rays, and I dont know why you say porno scanner when the agents no longer see any actual image of the person anymore. Its a generic avatar on the screen that shows them where to check.

  3. The TSA are self absorbed agents who play GOD at the airport without any oversight or consistency in policy or procedures. What you guys do is outright disgusting and immoral. A 10 yr old boy ? Really ? You guys are among the lowest scum on this earth , right behind fake news liberal journalists. #tsasucks

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