4 thoughts on “Dont be hot

  1. So I suppose if someone doesn’t understand English, TSA shouldn’t follow procedures. You sir are a morom.

  2. Ignorance rears its ugly troll head! TSA personell are required to provide interpreters during searches and its also common decency. Not to mention it is against regulation to do a search in a manor that could potentially arouse on-lookers. Read their rule book. Also, moron ends with an ‘n’. The same letter of the same word which your classification begins with. Ignorant…

  3. Lol John Doe where are you getting that info? They don’t keep interpreters on payroll. That would be such a waste of money. And a rule of not doing a search that is potentially arousing to onlookers? Rofl Where do you get this stuff? Your story from beginning to end is a load of crap.

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