5 thoughts on “Teenage Girl Patted at PDX

  1. PDX has issues. I saw a gal with clothes so tight she couldn’t hide a stick of gum get patted down excessively. I think PDX has some pervert working there

  2. Tsa Orlando black overweight female said I’m going to take you to strip search room I said no. Spread your legs so I complied wider she said. I complied. Left leg forward. I complied.
    She ran her filthy blue gloves up my legs and rammed them up my vagina. I jumped in pain and she ordered me to spread my legs and did it again. She was a violent angry racist.
    With a devil smile after she did her assault on my innocent body. I went to bathroom and my vagina hurt. It hurt for 3 days. I hate her and hope she gets what she deserves in life for her criminal sexual assault.

  3. I am always patted down and I refuse to go to a private area. I make them do it in public. The Denver International TSA sucks. Always their. I never set off an alarm.

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