4 thoughts on “TSA is racist

  1. You REALLY need to bring this up to the airport authorities, within a couple of days of it happening. Good thing is, they have everything on video, and the TSA can be punished if they treat you like this!

  2. If you wanna see real racism, go to the Atlanta airport and see how white people are screamed at, threatened and bullied by racist TSA agents and how people of color are treated like royalty
    Racism comes in all colors ..not just white

    • I completely agree. People tend to forget racism comes in all colors..not just white. It happened to me at the St. Louis airport. When I called them on it, they acted like they could not believe something like this would ever happen to a white person.

  3. Not liking the feeling that I need to comment on a minor, yet very unpleasant incident at Fort Lauderdale airport. A girl, whose name started with an R, was unnecessarily rude to my family and myself, while polite and courteous to the girls of her own ethnic group. Her co-worker watched what happened and it was obvious that he didn’t approve. At least that gave a bit of comfort that my family’s perception wasn’t competently off.

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