One thought on “Maui Nightmare

  1. I work in an airport. Temporary ids have never been fully acceptable, and have triggered additional screening, since the changes after 9-11. They are too easy to fake. You automatically lose your precheck status if you cannot produce a fully acceptable form of ID. (Fully acceptable forms of ID are clearly spelled out on airline websites, FAA’s website, and TSA’s website.). The TSA officer who let you through in Seattle without the mandatory extra screening probably would have been written up by a supervisor for not following procedure had he/she been seen doing that. All that said, there’s no room for disrespect, hostility, and rudeness by the officers, despite all the hijinks they put up with every day–7 days a week, all holidays included–from surly passengers. (In my opinion, based on observation, the travelers who have the most trouble (and complaints) with security are those who show up late, ill-prepared, don’t pay attention to the longstanding rules and instructions (audio and visual, as they stand in line), or exhibit all of these traits).

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