2 thoughts on “Hijab=Terrorist

  1. That’s so sad… I’m so glad you still left with your head held high! Those people are so racist. I have a Muslim friend and she had to hide a brown paper bag of chips for fear people would run or call her a terrorist. It’s so depressing how ignorant many are and I hope this changes fast. Congrats to you on standing up for yourself!

  2. This is so jumbled by irrational emotion, I’m not sure what to make of it. Exactly what type of headscarf does scream “terrorist?” What do “normal people” look like? (The 9-11 hijackers looked pretty “normal” to me.).

    “I was randomly checked because I looked like a terrorist…” Well…which was it? Random or profile based? People are randomly selected for checks all the time in airport security; it is protocol.

    “White racists…” How did they determine your race to exhibit such bias? Do you mean they singled you out because of the way you dressed or because of your genetic makeup? Why do you feel it important to note these two peoples’ melanin counts?

    The male officers told you they thought their female colleagues were stupid and that you looked like normal people?

    In my experience as a frequent flier, bag checks usually occur after X-ray, when the X-ray person sees (or can’t clearly see) something. The X-ray person doesn’t usually break concentration to look at passengers or know whose bag is whose. Was this not true in your case?

    It sounds like you went in with an attitude. Had you allowed it to escalate further, they could have exercised their ability to call over a law enforcement officer to escort you out.

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