Is the TSA commenting here? And hiding it?

I get that this website would be a bane to the TSA’s existence.  But there’s been a spate of comments as of late, and those comments all seem to be originating from the same IP address in the time period that they’re coming in.  For example, the last four comments that have come in all say they are different people, and different email addresses.  But take a look (click to embiggen; email addresses blacked out for their own security):


The name is different – but the IP address is all the same.  Seeing as how all of the comments are – while not necessarily pro-TSA – are all critical of the person who reported the story, it seems that maybe the TSA is doing a little PR here?  They’re not doing it with out consent, and yes, they have every right to comment.  But why hide behind a multitude of fake email addresses and names?

7 thoughts on “Is the TSA commenting here? And hiding it?

    • Most (not all) are unreasonably insane! On my way back to Sacramento from Las Vegas, this rude TSA woman said to me as I was walking out of the x-ray scanner: “You think this is funny?”. With all the noise going on & all the chatter of my fellow travelers, I looked around to see who she was talking to, come to find out it was me. I turned and said, “Funny how?”. She then pointed to the screen, showed me dots on both my SHOULDERS & another two on my knees. I remarked to her–OK? I figured she thought I was carrying 4 tiny little explosives on my shoulders & knees. Rude TSA woman (I can never call them ladies because a lot of them are sooooo mean-spirited & must hate what they do that they must act superior than all of us weary travelers) proceeded to do a pat down. No illegal device found. IT IS ALL ABOUT THE ATTITUDE, TSA PEOPLE! We will respect you if you respect us!

  1. I think they were, without question. There are posts from all different dates being commented on with aggressive, mocking, or pro-TSA comments, all on the same day. Too much of a coincidence

  2. TSA took my phone. Why did they take my cell phone question they said it was a random check what the hell does that even mean

  3. Some people have common sense. Look, every company, every place has bad people who work for them, TSA is the same, but one person’s actions don’t mean everyone with the job is bad. It’s a job. I overheard them not wanting to touch us either.

    People whine and bitch, but have you seen any American planes bombed? No? No shit.

    If someone is groped or violated by skin to skin contact, that is to be reported. I know when I flew in September and the lady accidentally touched my bare hip, she apologized quickly and tried not to.

    So yeah, not saying these stories aren’t true, but maybe people need to, I dunno, report the agent breaking rules and not bitch on a website.

    • Oh please!!!

      When we report the TSA, nothing happens. Thus, we are complaining and letting everyone know that there are some rapists that are working for the TSA.

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