Is the TSA commenting here? And hiding it?

I get that this website would be a bane to the TSA’s existence.  But there’s been a spate of comments as of late, and those comments all seem to be originating from the same IP address in the time period that they’re coming in.  For example, the last four comments that have come in all say they are different people, and different email addresses.  But take a look (click to embiggen; email addresses blacked out for their own security):


The name is different – but the IP address is all the same.  Seeing as how all of the comments are – while not necessarily pro-TSA – are all critical of the person who reported the story, it seems that maybe the TSA is doing a little PR here?  They’re not doing it with out consent, and yes, they have every right to comment.  But why hide behind a multitude of fake email addresses and names?


File this under, “Are you freaking kidding me?”

Some group actually commissioned a poll asking if the TSA should be armed.  The TSA.  Those people who are already entirely too passive-aggressive.  Those people who pick fights with the public.  Those people who who knowingly have stolen from the public.  People actually think they should be armed.

I’m sorry, but the majority of the TSA staff is little more than just “rent a cops”.  If we’re going to have armed security at our airports, let it be by those trained because it’s part of their job – like the National Guard.

But arm the TSA?  Are you freaking joking?