3 thoughts on “My Holiday Wounds

  1. Tsa always offer witnesses, and they never stuck figures anywhere on me. Either this story is fabricated or you should report them because that isn’t how tsa is suppose to operate.

    TSA has to follow lawful procedures too, you know.

  2. TSA? Is that you ^? You don’t have to pretend to be Nadia. If this is your idea of customer service, and you think leaving a good impression on the public in this forum is fixing things- not to mention, discounting truthful public opinion under the moniker of “Nadia” might be the most immature thing a company of your size has ever done.

  3. Yes TSA is a bunch of crap. They invade your privacy and waste your time, in fact when they were tested by the department of homeland security they FAILED to find Mach weapons and explosives 95% of the time. Not to mention the post everything the confiscate to instagram most of which are novelty items. Confiscating fake weapons and just stopping people from saying the word bomb don’t stop terrorism it just creates the illusion of safety which is a concept called,security theatre. Security theater is a show the company puts on to make it look like they are doing a lot when in reality they are hardly doing anything to stop actual terrorist. It is dangerous to create this illusion when the system is actually quite venerable to terrorist attacks. So we should take the money we are wasting on the TSA and use it for something more practical.
    Sources are listed in this clip- https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-LDzOi1dyAA

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