26 thoughts on “Humiliating a Teen Girl

  1. the scanners don’t show naked bodies, just a generic cookie cutter image. Pockets need to be completely empty including sanitary pads.

  2. Lol it’s a government job. Definitely more than $10 an hour, plus health insurance, life insurance, vision, dental, retirement, etc.
    You and your daughter obviously didn’t listen to any of the officers or even look around. If you were so worried about her, why did you leave her alone? Did you not look at the screen that the officer was looking at?

  3. I agree with the OP. TSA agents are definitely getting excited over touching or humiliating young women during the search. I am a young woman and I have been groped and had my bag searched with a male guard taking out my panties and holding them high in the air while rubbing his hands all over them. These invasive searches are particularly targeting women and trying to see how far they can go.

    I suspect that next, the male guards will use their private parts to search the cavities of women in case they are hiding something. Then, they will say “you weren’t raped; the TSA was using the private parts as tools of security”.

    • Wow, are you for real? I don’t know whether to laugh at your lunacy or cry because people like you are what’s wrong with this country.

      • Yes, you TSA agent, I am serious. They have gotten away with everything from digital penetration of women (what if she’s a virgin? Are they going to break her hymen before she can board the plane?) to rubbing and groping breasts. Checking a woman using male private parts is the only thing they haven’t tried, so we might as well prepare for that too.

        • Your total fabrication is laughable. Digital penetration, really. Do you know there are multiple cameras at every checkpoint. Any complaints are investigated. I just wish they would charge those who make these ridiculous accusations. Anyone that would believe them is a first class idiot.

          • Complaints are investigated, but punishment is minimal. Many times, they are just suspended for a few days and told to “be careful next time”. Meanwhile, the person who was groped or raped has to deal with it for a lifetime with no retribution. I have to board planes for work and I have panic attacks as I arrive at the screener. One of the nicer guards even one day asked me if I was okay and tried to reassure me because I went through the scanner and froze shaking because I thought I was about to be sexually assaulted. This is the aftermath of a TSA assault and it is real.

          • Complaints are investigated, but punishment is minimal. Many times, they are just suspended for a few days and told to “be careful next time”. Love to know where you get your “FACTS” The only thing I can derive from your statement is that you personally have issues and should seek help for your delusions.

          • I will seek help for the aftermath of the TSA’s assault as long as the TSA agrees to seek help for their sexual obsessions.

          • You seem to be the one with a sexual obsession. I’ll pray for your mental health, that you will no longer imagine everything has a sexual meaning. Get help.

          • I’m actually a virgin, so I am the least sexually obsessed and have no interest in such things unless I have a husband. The TSA is the one who is making everything sexual. Go ahead and pray, but you need to pray for the TSA’s victims as well and pray that the TSA doesn’t assault anymore.

          • Being a virgin has nothing to do with taking everything out of context and thinking it’s sexual, or maybe in your case it does.

          • Actually TSA does not investigate ANY claims. They just send out a canned response. They really don’t care.

  4. I thought that you were going to pray. Anyway, why are you so interested in complaints about the TSA when you have no problems with them? Please go away and stop trolling. You must be unemployed anyway if you have so much time to post about topics that don’t concern you. By the way, even my fiance is upset about how I was treated by the TSA, because they did things that I won’t even let him do. He is not even as religious as I am, so since he also viewed their acts as sexual, that definitely raises a red flag regarding the TSA and their actions.

  5. I’m interested in standing up for hard working people who are being wrongly accused and basically slandered by a bunch of delusional snowflakes. Don’t think you can post ludicrous accusations and not get push back. Anyone with an ounce of common sense or intelligence understands there’s a reason those folks are performing their jobs and it’s for our safety.

    • Sure, because more than likely, you are a TSA agent.

      #jobsecurity #toleratedsexualassault

      By the way, if being a virgin who does not want her privates touched before marriage makes me a “snowflake”, I will gladly be one.

      #purity #whiteassnow #bedundefiled

        • I’ll accept being a “snowflake” either way. Being overly sensitive is better than being evil as you are. #snowflake #heartonsleeve #Christian #happytobeme

          • I’ve wasted more than enough time on you, your delusions and your insecurities. If your fiance is reading these exchanges, rub for the hills, she’ll only get crazier with age.

          • I’ve told these things to my fiance and he only loves me more. Not every man is a freak who wants to watch people sexually assault his partner.

  6. They get paid more than that. The fact that your daughter was on her period is an over share and has no bearing on the empty pocket rule. If the machine was capable of showing nudity especially of a minor that would be illegal…..moron.

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