How’s this for hypocrisy?

Okay, so I just got through a TSA checkpoint at an airport in the Pacific Northwest.  And I had the most interesting experience.

First off, I’m a vegetarian; have been for 16 years online strattera.  As such, I need Vitamin B12 injections weekly, since wholesale nfl jerseys you can really only get B12 from animal meats.  So I brought a couple 1mL vials of B12.  But I didn’t want them to go through the X-Ray machine, because I don’t want it to be further irradiated before I inject it into my body.  Plus, this particular airport has the porno-scanners, and I already don’t trust the TSA, so why should I subject myself to them?

So with opting out of the porno scanners, and having my prescription medication bypass the X-Ray machine, of course I got the full body patdown.  But they also decided to go through every single one of my bags as well, because apparently an opt-out vegetarian with B12 deficiency is a security risk.

Right next to me is wholesale nba jerseys a woman who set off the full body porno scanner.  A female TSA agent brought her wholesale nfl jerseys over and we were standing next to each other.  She agreed to be pat down, and since I TSA was close by, I watched to compare it to my own patdown.

My full body Review, patdown for opting out of the body scanner lasted about 80 seconds total.  This lady – who set off the full body scanner alarm, and whom the TSA agent 建站经验分享:营销型网站建设的十大标准 kept repeating she wasn’t sure what caused the alarm to be set off – got Messung a patdown that lasted about 45 seconds at most, all the while the TSA agent saying she didn’t know what it was.  After her quick patdown, the TSA wholesale nfl jerseys agent was still stumped, said the as much, and told the woman she could go on Year her way, and to have a nice day.

Seriously?  Someone sets off the alarm and it puzzles you, but cheap mlb jerseys you don’t care enough to actually see what it was?  While I sit there, fully groped for twice as long because I don’t trust the TSA and their porno-scanner machines?

What the hell is wrong here?  Besides just about everything?

2 thoughts on “How’s this for hypocrisy?

  1. Couple of things:

    -by going through the “porno” X-ray, the other person the tsa hand searched was already cleared of having any weapons, metal, etcetera, so they were simply looking for whatever the error was, not the whole scan. Your opt-out included the entire scan and pat down. So, yes, it takes longer.

    -you haven’t considered that eating meat may solve your TSA issues? Eating mcdonalds is wrong; eating meat isn’t. You having to take shots to balance not eating meat strikes me as wrong on many levels…

  2. What, indeed, is wrong here? You are so concerned about your health that you dodge a machine that puts out less radiation than a cell phone, but you chose a diet that is so unnatural you must insert metal needles into your body and squirt in synthesized nutritional supplements…

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